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About Rehearsals for Change Workshop from participants

“This workshop has changed my life. I found that suddenly, after the workshop, I was able to make changes that I was unable to make in the past.”

“I believe (and pray) that I have shifted something deep inside that has allowed me to grieve and move onward and inward in a new way.”

“I have never felt such safety in my life.”

“The openness I felt in the workshop is with me now as I go about my life. I have a deeper sense of belonging. I do not feel isolated anymore.”

“Sharon & Alan work seamlessly together.“

”I have done many workshops, but this has been the most powerful one.”

“May you find a way to continue this unique and impactful work together.”

“It helped me to laugh at myself and take myself more lightly, to make friends with different aspects of myself I donít ordinarily like or even welcome.”

“I saw how all my past choices were holding me back. I am making new choices now.”

“It was like being in daycare and playing all day. But the difference is, at the end, I learnt so much about myself.”

“I came reluctantly. I laughed,cried, felt challenged and safe. I left feeling STONGER and HAPPIER than Iíve felt for a long time.”

About Alan

“He is like the friend I have always wanted.I can tell him anything and he understands.”

“He is wise and a mentor to me. I trust him fully.”

About Sharon

“She cuts through my complicated thoughts and sees what is underneath and offers them back sorted out and clear.î

“She asks questions that take me to the essence of my experience.”

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