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At the heart of every Jewish community are issues which have the potential to divide or bring us closer. Spiel Kadosh is a fresh, engaging, interactive process which can deepen community understanding.

What is Spiel Kadosh ?

Spiel Kadosh means ‘holy play’. It is a dynamic process of community dialogue.

How does Speil Kadosh work?

By weaving personal stories, playful interactive exercises, and theatre improv, the community is guided to address its vital concerns.

What Issues Can Be Explored?

Issues are as varied as the human condition, but some of the more common ones are:

• Intermarriage
• (Children of) holocaust survivors
• Youth alienation from the shul &/or Judiasm
• Israeli/Arab conflict
• Struggles inerent in Judaism
• Place of women in Jewish world
• Jewish gifts & teachings from our families
• The struggles inherent in Judaism
• The place of women in the Jewish world
• Prayer – it’s role in our lives
• Uplifting the spirit in Judaism
• Jewish Renewal
• Leadership in the Jewish Community
• Jewish Holiday themes

What are the Benefits of Spiel Kadosh?

Communities members can:

• address issues
• feel closer to each other
• gain understanding of each other’s perspectives
• share information in an enjoyable, dynamic way
• have fun
• gain insight into the core of the issues
• get to know other community members

Who are the Facilitators?

Alan Caplan & Sharon Bronstein are experienced therapists, workshop leaders, and theatre improv artists, who have worked with the Jewish community to explore a variety of Jewish issues all across Canada. Sharon has lived in Israel for 8 years and has facilitated many Jewish events in Israel and in Canada. They are co-founders of the Salt Spring Island Playback Theatre Company and evolved a unique creative approach to addressing community concerns.

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