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As a pioneer e-counsellor for the first Employee Assistance Program online, Sharon has successfully helped people to overcome both personal and professional challenges without them ever leaving their home or office.

What is E-counselling?

It is an email exchange where counselling is conducted online.

How does E-counselling work?

Correspondence and communication is done by e-mail.

Who benefits from E-counselling?

It benefits people who:

• are home-bound
• are travelling
• are more comfortable writing than talking
• are shy
• wish to remain anonymous
• wish to save travel time
• spend time on computers
• are well known in their community
• are stay-at-home caregivers

What are the advantages and benefits of E-counselling? It offers people the following benefits.

• Convenience – communicate in writing 24/7 and from any location.
• Flexibility – responses are immediate, no waiting for scheduled appointments.
• Privacy – identity remains anonymous.
• Self-reflection – writing allows you to clarify your thoughts.
• Pacing – take your time to properly formulate your ideas.
• Review – you can read your counselor's written›response at a later time
• Record – there is a record of where you started and how you have changed in your thinking
• If you choose to share portions of your written exchanges, it can deepen your intimate relationships

Please contact us to discuss rates and set up e-counselling

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