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We have been honoured to witness hundreds of people transform their lives. The counselling relationship may be the most important of one's life because it offers the support needed to explore vital concerns.

No matter how hesitant people may be to begin counselling, they are usually very pleasantly surprised by how much they have shared and how relieved they feel. The role of the counsellor is to support each individual to share what they truly think, feel, and wonder about. In doing so, they discover the answers they have had, within themselves, all along.

Anyone feeling the need to develop more clarity and insight in their life would benefit from professional counselling.

People seek help for a variety of reasons and on a variety of issues. What follows is a list of some of the areas in which we have been able to help:

• Life transitions
• Anger management
• Conflict resolution
• Separation and divorce
• Relationship issues
• Stress
• Emotional, physical and psychological problems
• Anxiety
• Depression
• Workplace conflict
• Job loss
• Physical and sexual abuse
• Addictions (alcohol, drugs, gambling and smoking)
• Family problems: child and adolescent
• Parenting
• Bereavement and loss
• Trauma
• Crisis
• Health issues
• Chronic pain
• Relocation adjustment

The Counselling Experience

People often have social contacts, but lack an attentive listener who can remain neutral. At Life Enrichment Counselling, we have been honoured to witness hundreds of people transform their lives. The counselling relationship may be the most important of your life because it offers the support you need to explore vital concerns.

Our clients

At Life Enrichment Counselling many couples have transformed their relationships.

They can learn to:

• Develop confidence,
• Become more flexible
• Increase self-trust
• Move past limiting beliefs
• Initiate satisfying life changes
• Cope with losses
• Resolve difficult situations
• Learn to live with chronic illness
• Move past shame
• Develop courage to go past fear
• Ask for what they want
• Deepen intimacy
• Set clear limits
• Control anger
• Create satisfying sex lives
• Understand each other
• Negotiate life goals
• Resolve differences
• Release controlling behaviours
• Improve communication

Please contact us to discuss rates and convenient times to meet at our Saltspring or Nanaimo locations. Telephone consultations are also available.

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